Burning News: HEA Blog at USA Today and a giveaway

A couple of weeks ago my buddy and fellow Waterworld Mermaid, Avery Flynn, asked me to fill out a few questions about race and ethnicity in romance.  I filled them out, sent them back and promptly forgot about them.  The article was published and I thought – how nice- and forgot about it.

Then, I get a message from Avery on FB that Joyce Lamb picked up the blog post for her new HEA blog at USA Today.  Wow! Really!  That is really cool . . .

So, here is the link for the HEA Blog which has a link inside it for Avery’s original blog post.

And, for one commenter, I will send you a copy of  my buddy, Wayne Jordan’s awesome “Saved by Her Embrace”.  Sorry, U.S. residents only!

So, as I said in my HEA comment, hopefully the next time my name is in USA Today it will be as a recently sold Blaze author!

Burn it up,


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  1. Sexy Cover. Amazing what happens when you forget about something. I need to dust off my submission to Kimani. Knees are shaking, just thinking about it. 🙂 Good luck.

    1. Post

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