Burning Fun: I’m digging some new technology

Friends – I hope this finds you all well and reading an amazing book!

My life is sliding into the routine of school and kid activities as I slowly (with weeping and wailing) let go of my glorious summer.

So, as I wait for the Fall release of  SWEET SOUTHERN BETRAYAL (the third book in The Boys are Back in Town series) I’m checking out some new (to me) technology: Spotify and Wattpad.

If you’ve followed me for any period of time, you know that I love music. As a singer and musician, it is part of my life everyday and I create playlists for each book as I write it. So, I’ve added the soundtracks to each book page. (find them here). Check them out and let me know if they fit with your vision of the book.


I’ve also joined Wattpad and while I have excerpts and such up there now, I’m hoping to use more of its capability. If you have any suggestions – please let me know. You can follow me here.

Next . . . .Tumblr!  (fingers crossed!)

Burn it up!


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