Keep Your Romance Sizzling with Adult Toys – A Special Post from Adam & Eve

Keep Your Romance Sizzling With Adult Toys

For the most part, anyone who has ever researched ways to enhance a sexual relationship, or ways to keep romance alive in general, has at least come across the suggestion of sex toys. Sometimes it’s an extensive conversation, and sometimes it’s merely a bullet point, but the fact remains that sex toys are often mentioned as being very helpful in sparking, rekindling, or simply sustaining romance. So in this post we’ll dig a bit deeper into two major parts of this concept: why sex toys help, and what toys to consider.

Why Adult Toys Help

Ultimately, the reasons for why adult sex toys can help a relationship can be summed up with the simple idea that you’re trying something new. But there are also a few more specific reasons to keep in mind.

To begin with, the introduction of sex toys involves an openness that can only help a sexual relationship. The fact is, you can’t simply introduce sex toys out of nowhere – rather, it involves a discussion and conscious decision by you and your lover alike. And this sort of discussion can make both of you a bit more open about what you want (and how to get it!).

Furthermore, sex toys can solve a number of the specific issues that cause couples to lose confidence or interest in their sex lives. The blog 22nd Catch has a nice rundown of these issues, and also touches on why individual use of sex toys (male masturbators, vibrators, etc.) can help to boost personal performance and confidence.

Which Toys To Use

sex toysChoosing the right sex toys is a pretty personal process, and can be a bit overwhelming with some of the massive selections out there. Truth be told, there are so many sex toys, games, accessories, etc., that you may not know where to start! Adam & Eve, in addition to its own broad selection of high-end toys, has a buyer’s guide with numerous articles that can be very helpful as a starting point for making your purchases. She Knows also offers a nice starting guide that can be of service. But in the meantime consider these basic tips.

    • Personal Stimulators – Wonderful for solo play, these can help you to become more disciplined with your orgasms, and can also be fun to use with a partner.


    • Bondage Toys – You don’t have to go full-on BDSM to enjoy a few light bondage toys – many get a great thrill out of a blindfold or some handcuffs!


    • Sex Games – If all you need is a light spark – even a Friday night activity – games can be just fine! Many are specifically designed to get you craving your partner.


    • Sex Swings – Many associate such toys with kinks or bondage, but the truth is they’re more about finding exciting new positions. A sex swing or harness can be very exciting, very quickly.


This ought to be helpful in getting you started with sex toys, and using them to keep your romance sizzling! Enjoy, and don’t be shy!



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