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Friends – So this week has been nuts with Girl Scouts, the day job and life in general. But we’ve had a few 70 degree days in a row and I can feel summer on my heels . . . I cannot wait! But in the meantime, here’s what I’ve been loving this week.

  1. The search for my RITA dress.  I am not a girly girl and iI have zero reasons to wear formal dresses but the awards ceremony requires a fancy schmancy dress. I’ve been looking and these two are on the short list. what do you think?

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2. Please Like Me. I discovered this show on Hulu and it is absolutely cringe-worthy and adorable at the same time. I spend half of the show with my face covering my hands and peeking through my fingers saying “no. no. no.” over and over.



3. FIRST AND FIRST. This amazing book came out yesterday and I cannot rave about it enough. The entire series is phenomenal and I devoured each and every one. When Santino offered me an early copy, I think my reply of “yes” broke the sound barrier. You can buy the book everywhere, here: http://santinohassell.com



What did you love this week?

Burn it up! xR

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