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2016 Fave Authors and Books list

As an author with a full-time job my reading-for-pleasure-time is at a premium. But I love to read – it’s why I started writing! So, I wedged in books on my e-reader and I stepped up my audible usage because I could listen/read to a book while I cooked dinner or drove on my long Thursday commute or ate lunch at my desk. At the end of 2015 I joined the Goodreads reading challenge and pledged to read 75 books and I exceeded that amount and as I looked over my list I noticed a pattern – 2016 was a year where I binged on authors. When I loved their work, I gobbled everything they had (old and new) in every format possible (kindle, paper and audio) and some authors hit the trifecta and I owned certain books in all formats. Not all of the books were released in 2016 but these are the books/series/authors who rocked my reading world in 2016.

I also noticed that when I have my own reading time, I reach for male/male romance first and that I re-read lots of old favorites. 2016 was personally a very difficult for me with my own health issue in the Spring and then my father’s multiple brain surgeries in the late Summer/early Fall so I did a lot of comfort reading.

  1. Annabeth Albert ( : I have loved her books for a long time but this year I started a re-read and then literally gobbled up everything she had out and impatiently waited for her next release. This year her #Gaymers series was a favorite and I acquired them in kindle and audio format. Her characters are different: beta, sweet, geeky, nerdy. Her books were such a refreshing break from the usual gangster/CEO/MC club member alpha male. Her characters are all male (don’t get me wrong) but they are individual and unique and not at all cookie cutter and I adored that about them. This series is low on contrived angst – the characters have real issues that they have to work to overcome and the sexy is hot and the romance breathtaking.
  1. Santino Hassell ( and Megan Erickson (  Okay, so their Cyberlove series is epically good. Fun, snarky, modern, fresh, sexy, and features those geeky/nerdy/cosplaying group I love. I inhaled these books in all formats and these two rose to trifecta status for me when I purchased both of the books in kindle, paper and audio format. (I still need to get you to sign my copies Santino!).  This series is evidence that their writing partnership is genius.
  1. Santino Hassell ( Santino is the only author that shows up twice on my list. This love is for his solo books – all of them. I have read everything he has out and I cannot rave enough about them. His ‘Five Borough” series has entered trifecta status for me and I think I re-read FIRST AND FIRST about 9 times this year (I love me some Oli and Caleb). His writing style is modern and fresh, scorchingly sexy and hilariously funny.
  1. Karen Stivali ( I adore her books but MOMENT OF SILENCE just killed it for me. I loved the utter uniqueness of this couple – an almost-Priest on a break and a Jewish man who runs a LGBTQ shelter.  The book could have been overdone and schmaltzy but it was touching and respectful and romantic and sexy and emotional. This book put Karen on my “auto buy” list – I don’t even read the blurb when she has new books out, I just buy it.


  1. Kate Meader ( : Oh my. Kate and her “Hot in Chicago” series was one that I devoured from first book to the last.  I’ve always read Kate but this book about a foster family of firefighters grabbed me and had me anxiously looking for each new book to come out and I had a serious sad face when it ended. This is also a series that delivers from the first book to the last – I can’t pick a favorite because they were all sooooooo good.
  1. Heidi Cullinan ( : If you haven’t read HC yet, you need to. She can go from sweetly romantic to deliciously dirty with expertise. Her book NOWHERE RANCH curls my toes in the dirtiest way and CARRY THE OCEAN is one that touches me down to my soul every time. I re-read her catalog in 2016 and it was wonderfully satisfying. An HC book for me is a comfort read because reading her is like hanging out with an old friend.

7.Lane Hayes ( :  A relatively new author to me at the beginning of the year, I literally inhaled all of her books on kindle and audio (love her narrators). These stories are comforting and sexy and romantic with characters you can relate to. I love the first person narrative and the way she writes distinctive characters and delivers a great read with low angst.

  1. Rhys Ford ( : What the hell can I say about my love affair with Rhys Ford books that will do them justice? She is a trifecta author for me because she pairs up with the most amazingly talented narrators for her audiobooks and it makes it feel like you’re reading her wonderfully descriptive, funny, imaginative, sexy, and addictive books totally fresh and new. This year she delivered one of my favorite books (and the end of the “Cole McGinnis” series), DIRTY HEART, and I’ve not had a book in a long time that made me actually cry when reading it. I am so invested in Cole and Jae that I couldn’t help it.
  1. Annika Martin ( My buddy Annika delivered three of the most deliciously dirty, damaged, sexy, over-the-top alpha males I’ve read in a long time. If you haven’t picked up the “Dangerous Royals” series, do it now. Now. Like, right now.
  1. Roan Parrish ( She gets the prize for books that gut me and give me a serious case of the writer jealousy.  Man, these stories just floored me with the amazing characterization. I needed therapy after book two, OUT OF NOWHERE and I’ve never been so happy to have my heart wrung out and stomped on.  Bravo!
  1. Meghan March ( Thanks to my friends Tricia and Carla for recommending her to me. I devoured the BENEATH series and then started on her other books. Solid stories with realistic and flawed characters with sexy, sexy times and believable romance was delivered in every book. So, so good.

I’ll stop there before I basically talk about every book I read this year . . . tell me what books you loved and why!


Happy reading in 2017!!


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  1. OMG Thank you!! Robin, I came here to thank you but instead I’ve gone down many Amazon rabbitholes from this beautiful list with a few books I utterly didn’t know about. And all I can say is if you have read a book NINE TIMES I must have it!! And also, Happy New Year! xoxo

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