Last Second Chance

Available on April 8, 2024!

Five years ago we met. Dated. Crashed and burned.

Two years later, we defied expectations, tying the knot just two weeks later.

We weren’t going to waste our second chance.

Everyone said it wouldn’t last, but we proved them wrong.

Forget Brangelina. Forget T & T.

We were THE power couple everyone envied.

I won football championships, and she filled arenas with screaming fans.

We were on top of the world.

We loved each other.

We were happy.

And then we weren’t.

She’s in town to pack up the last of her stuff and sign the divorce papers.

And I’ve got one last second chance to get her to stay.


🌤 Grumpy/Sunshine
⏰ Second Chance Romance
💔 Marriage-in-Trouble
🛌 Forced Proximity
🏈 Wide Receiver hero
🎸 Rockstar heroine

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